When developing or adapting a training program, remember that you have total control to change the plan based on your specific needs.  You can go very far using a base plan someone else has written and tweak it up to meet your schedule and needs.

Coaching is another option you may want to explore and there are a ton of excellent coaches who can work with you long distance and provide excellent guidance.  When taking advantage of a coaching program, ask lots of questions up front to make sure the coach and his or her program is best suited for your short and long term goals.

Short Course 10 week training schedule

Some of the best FREE training plans are available through Slowtwitch.com

Another excellent source of training material is Beginnertriathlete.com

Are your training efforts truly targeted toward your goals? Consider lactate threshold testing. This involves utilizing an advanced system to measure increases in blood lactic acid levels that cause a decrease in athletic performance. The results of this test will help guide you to train smarter and more specific, improving optimal performance. The experts at Agility Physical Therapy & Sports Performance can help.

Michigan Beachguard System  This is a service of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Want to know about the water quality at the venue where you plan to compete, or a site where you train? Beachguard is the DEQ site where you can monitor advisories or closures posted in connection with  nearly 12 hundred public waterfront areas throughout the Michigan.  The site also shows the past several years of data which may make you think twice about some events based on noticed and verified closure and advisory data.  You can also find out which local agency or department is responsible for water testing, and how often the site is tested if you want to establish or maintain local contact.

I’ll keep adding information and links over time.  Have any good ones you would like to share? Let me know.